Facility Audits

Why is it important to have a second set of eyes look at your operation?

  • Point out areas of concerns in the process that staff can overlook
  • To operate a leaner, safer, efficient and cost effective business

We can be so deep in the day-to-day business that overlooking the simplest of details can cost a manufacturer hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually. Darryl will audit your manufacturing facility and point out areas of improvement or concern 

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Auditing your facility should not be viewed as a negative process, in fact progressive companies implement a continual improvement process and embrace outside third party inspections on a regular basis. Doing so maintains a healthy organization with engaged employees resulting in overall higher customer satisfaction.

Darryl will conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your operation including dairy & non-dairy frozen & fluid comsumables. 

No facility is too small.

Areas to review:

  • All inbound ingredients and packaging
  • Storage of ingredient and packaging
  • Production line process at start-up, regular operation, changeover and cleanup
  • Finished goods warehouse storage
  • Loading and delivery process
  • Sanitation process and procedures
  • Safety policy and procedure 
  • And specific areas by client request

The report to include:

  • Excessive waste
  • Improvement in Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Staff input on areas of concern
  • Safety improvement
  • Production output improvement
  • Communication and engagement between office management and facility staff  

Inspection reports are not scored or graded and do not reflect a right, wrong view, rather addressing areas of concern and recommendations to improve. Many times a report will support an unresolved issue initially presented by an employee. The goal and purpose of the audit is to provide owners better insight on product, weak areas, repair or modification and staff training. Additionally, a report can provide cost saving measures without sacrificing quality or operation disruption. The inspection are an insightful tool to keep your company healthy.

Nowadays you can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes. Darryl will save you time and money.

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