Designing Your Dream Frozen Product & Formula

Creating a new flavor or product is not an easy task, particularly if you want to be different from the competition. It’s not as simple as adding more large nut or cookie pieces and thick dark fudge swirl. Designing a product or flavor used to be simple and basic, today you need to keep up with trends and customer requests. The best tasting Chocolate Nut Fudge with Cookies and Marshmallow won’t cut it if the public is desiring a low sodium, gluten or dairy free product. Selling a product on it’s own merits is harder than it used to be. Today, selling a product in a creative package, presenting in a fun and creative way or using unique equipment for presenting a flavor can be the key to overall success.

You have seen examples of product evolution’s over the years, it started with basic ice cream flavors then evolving to more inclusions and swirls, then low-fat to yogurt and then gourmet sorbet and ice. A variation of the same theme, changed up to make it fun, interesting and exciting.

Today we see everything from high fat ice cream packed with tons of stuff, to non-dairy vegan delights and real fruit sorbets infused with super-foods. How do we identify the change-up required to design a new, exciting product? The manufacturer wants to sell lots of product, the consumer is looking for big flavor at low cost, you want to create and sell a “good for you product line”. How to make it all come together requires vision, focus and knowledge. Making it successful requires a desire to created an upscale product, with the intention to get the consumer interested and curious.

Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions considers themselves a designer of flavors. Having the experience to listen to your idea and discuss with you the options, sets us apart from other organizations. We can help you design a product, evolve a flavor or even improve on a existing item. With our guidance and approach, we offer you the ability to make the best decision possible.

Let Darryl help you design your dream.

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