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Building your business concept is not an easy task, particularly if you want to be different to stay ahead of the competition. A business concept should appear to the consumer as unique or a upscale version to the customer.

If you want to manufacture your own product, understanding the latest equipment and how to properly place in your facility is just part of a successful plan. Freezers today are quick to bring down the temperature of product and more efficient to run compared to just a few years back.

Also, planning ahead in electric and water infrastructure to accommodate future expansion demands, can save you money in the long run. If designing a scoop shop is your desire, then up-scaling a current concept is the trend. As an example of this, Baskin Robbins was the trendsetter offering 31 flavors, today Sub Zero offers 4 times the flavors while entertaining the customer by freezing product right in front of you. The upscale trend can cost more in start-up, but if done properly will result in a higher sale per customer and fast pay back.

Stone Cold Creamery, Yogurtology® and Sub Zero Ice Cream franchises offer upscale concepts and theme. So do you invest in a franchise or do it on your own? Remember, the intention is to drive customers to your business, keep it exciting and make a return on investment. If you have some experience running your own business, then create your own concept, if you need guidance maybe a franchise is the way to go. Keep in mind a franchise is not a guarantee and sometimes can be short lived. Reasons for failure can be anything from a lack of training and franchise support to simply a low traffic location not vetted properly by the franchise.

Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions can help you if you decide on building your own business concept or investing in a franchise.

Knowing the in’s and out of business is part of what we do. We are the designers of business concepts and can help guide you in making the best choices to build a successful business. With our guidance and approach, we offer You the ability to make the best possible decision.

Let Darryl help you make your concept a reality.

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