How to Get the Most Out of Your Ice Cream Consultant

When individuals with little to no experience, unsure whether they really need assistance from an ice cream consultant with 30 years experience in the field, calls interested in starting a dairy or non-dairy business, I can hardly wait to hear what they will say to justify their hesitation.

There are two types of people that meet this profile: 1) the person who is penny wise and pound foolish, saying they’ll figure out most of it on their own and the remaining by trial-and-error or 2) the person who has had a successful business, who can figure out most of the steps and have connections to fall back on.

What I think about the two examples – I can’t say publicly. What I say to myself: Good luck with that!

Inevitably a few months pass and I will receive a call saying, “Hey, remember me? I’m the guy that wanted to start a business, had zero experience and now need your help to fix the mess I made.”

Indeed most people are capable of figuring out matters for themselves, but at what cost?

I always recommend utilizing an ice cream consultant from the start of a project as well as during the strategic and plan phases. Tapping into a consultant’s knowledge base is vital to get you on the the right track — it will most definitely save you both time and money.

How can I save money by using an ice cream consultant?

You will save money by reducing the learning curve, getting insight into necessary steps before you make decisions, and by gaining and understanding of the ins-and-outs of that particular business. An ice cream consultant can give you insight into important information as simple as which equipment you must invest in and which of those will require more maintenance versus which are more hassle-free, to the best flow design concept for a production facility or basic scoop shop.

Getting the best deal or cutting corners on a major purchase item may come at a high cost or consequence.

For example: You scored a great deal on a sexy-looking display freezer and a few months later the warranteed compressor goes out. You think, “No worries. A new one is on the way.” But what you didn’t know is that the replacement part has to be shipped from Italy. Now you’re in trouble.

A consultant would have shared this piece of intel with you, consequently allowing you the opportunity to ask the right questions at the time of purchase. Asking a simple question like, “Which parts do you keep in stock and which require a longer lead time?” can be a deciding factor in making the right long-term decision and receiving the best return on your investment.

When I recommend using my services at the start of a project or during the initial “intake session,” I know brows go up and many people think I am just trying to upsell to make money.

In actuality, I have the potential to make more money after clients have made poor decisions, poor investments and in cleaning up messes created by clients.

The purpose of utilizing an experienced dairy/non-dairy consultant is to tap into their knowledge base and allow them to share with you the perspective they have accumulated over the years.

Generally speaking, the majority of people look at the ice cream business as easy venture, without viewing it as a serious business endeavor. Hard-earned dollars spent on questionable decisions can take the fun out of your business really fast.

Consider placing your ego to the side and use your common sense — start your business on the right foot with the right consultant.

“Now a day’s you can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes”, profit from Darryl’s.


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