Manufacture My Product or Outside Co-Packer?

You have an ice cream recipe or formula that you want to make commercially. What you really should be asking is this: do I want to manufacturer my product or would it be in my better interest to use a co-pack manufacturer?

Starting your own ice cream manufacturing business will allow you to produce a delicious frozen dessert with your name on it. However, dreaming of owning your own commercial ice cream manufacturing facility and actually starting one are very different. Owning a commercial ice cream manufacturing facility may be harder than you think.

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Have you ever thought …

  • I want to make my own high-quality ice cream or non-dairy dessert.
  • I have a food-based business and now want to commercially manufacture my own private label ice cream.

Are you considering manufacturing private label ice cream?

Here are a few things to consider before embarking on your venture.

  • Is a flow plan necessary to start a manufacturing my ice cream?
  • Do I know the market I want to sell to?
  • Who can assist me with a budget to manufacturing my custom ice cream?
  • What type of manufacturing equipment do I need to start with?
  • Should I know the ROI in starting my ice cream manufacturing business?
  • Will I need on-site training assistance?
  • Where can I get great recipe ideas for my ice cream line?
  • Do I need to know the cost of goods for my ice cream?
  • Where can I find ice cream ingredients and supplies?
  • How much staff will manufacturing require?

Nowadays you can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes.  Darryl will save you time and money.

Whatever your reason, Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions can help you.

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