Ice Cream Consulting & Small Business Advice

You’re at the right place if you are looking for consultation and advise in …

  • Ice Cream
  • Beverage
  • Gelato
  • Sorbet
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Real Frozen Custard
  • Non-Dairy Frozen
  • Vegan Ice Kream
  • Ice Cream, Gelato or Yogurt Shop
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Manufacturer your own private label or use an outside Co-Pack Manufacturer
  • Product & Flavor Development

You’re here for one of two reasons.

  1. You are thinking about opening your very first retail business and need assistance or feedback on such things as site location, space requirements, estimated cost, equipment, concept viability or uniqueness.
  2. You are looking to take a homemade product out of the kitchen and make professionally for public consumption. Wanting to understand all that is involved to manufacturer and sell to retail stores, retail chains and independent markets on a regional or national scale.

In either situation it is important to understand the steps in order of the process so to not be overwhelming.  There are a number of things to know before an investment and commitment is made.

Opening a shop?

Key considerations:

  • Location, location, location
    • How is the foot traffic?
    • Is off street parking available?
    • Can drivers see your shop and signage, can customers been seen inside your shop?
    • Can the customer safely walk to your location?
  • Customer flow
    • Will customers walk away because the main entrance is clogged up with people waiting in line?
    • Is the cash register placed to close to food preparation?
    • Where to direct the customer once inside?
    • Can the menu be easily and quickly understood?
  • Space
    • Can the space be adequately cooled & heated?
    • Is lighting too bright or too dim?
    • Does the color scheme represent the image you want to portray?
    • Is background music necessary?
    • Is having free WiFi a plus or minus?
    • What is the appropriate numbers of tables and chairs?
    • Is a take-out window essential?

Want to sell your homemade product nationally?

Key considerations:

  • Ingredients
    • Do you understand the difference between a recipe and formula?
    • What is butterfat, milk-fat and overrun?
    • Do you have a reliable supplier for core ingredients?
    • Is a nutritional statement important?
    • Are there more ingredients in the product than necessary?
    • Do the ingredients have a shelf life?
    • How do the ingredients hold up under manufacturing stress?
    • Can ingredients be substituted when necessary?
  • Packaging
    • Do you know the right size and style package to market your product in?
    • Is Eco friendly packaging necessary?
    • Who is the primary customer you’re targeting?
    • What is tamper evident and is it required?
    • Is it important for the customer to see the product?
    • Will containers be filled by hand or automatically?
    • Do you know the legal label declarations for retail packaging?
  • Manufacturing
    • Will product be manufactured by you or an outside manufacturer?
    • Do you know the required equipment for in-house production?
    • Do you know the requirements to supply an outside manufacturer?
    • What type of license is required?
    • Do you assume any product liability if produced by a co-pack manufacturer?
    • Will your product be a lower cost by producing yourself?
    • Can one expect a lower quality product when made by an outside manufacturer?

Having the answers to important questions is essential for the overall success of your business. Having a person with experience and knowledge of the industry can be a key component to a start-ups overall success.

Be smart and contact Darryl, he can guide you through the process and get your concept up and running.



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