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Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions offering L.E.A.P. — a simple and effective approach and solution to help get you started in your small business or private label product.

How It Works

We start with a Free 1 hour chat to discuss and receive feedback on your concept.  If you decide to take the next step, we will schedule a 3-hour intake session to discuss your concept further, get to know your background, review where you are in the process, breakdown your business model and offer a plan and approach. Additionally, there will be questions and discussion on the intention of your concept, the next step, projected timeline, reality of the model, budget and guidance on how to best focus on each phase to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed.   Your project may be small, but thinking about the entire scope can get scary – I can help. Post session we will collectively decide on how Darryl can most effectively help you in starting your business.

A Snapshot of Topics for Your Private Label Discussion:

  • Review product, category, portion size and any unique product points
  • How will your product differentiates itself from similar products in the marketplace?
  • Who is the target customer and understand B2B or B2C sales strategy?
  • Will eCommerce sales be part of the strategy?
  • Is the plan to launch regionally or nationally?
  • Expected timeline for break even point on initial investment
  • Will other individuals be involved in the business?
  • Where do you see the business growth in year one and two?
  • Where you see your day-to-day function and involvement?
  • Packaging, name, branding Ideas and intentions for your product?

A Snapshot of Topics for Your Small Business Discussion:

  • Review of your small business concept
  • How will your small business by different from like businesses currently operating?
  • Is your business modeled towards B2B or B2C sales?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • Will eCommerce be part of the sales strategy?
  • Is the business plan to be regional or national?
  • Expected timeline for break even point on initial investment
  • Will other parties be involved in the business?
  • Vision for expansion over a one and two year period
  • Where you see your day-to-day function
  • Ideas and intentions for promoting your business
  • Intentions to lease or purchase a space or building

Nowadays you can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes. Darryl will save you time and money.


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