Companies I Work With

Over the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of individuals and organizations that I consider enthusiasts, pioneers and visionaries of their trade and have contributed to my success in the business of Dairy & Non-Dairy frozen dessert consulting.  Would love to add you to the list.


Paleo Passion Foods

An all natural ice pop with no added sugar

Naturally Smart

An all natural whey protein fortified frozen dessert

Momenti Spirits

An all natural line of high butterfat ice cream & fruit sorbet with a kiss of spirits

Greenwood Ice Cream

A respected manufacturer in the field of dairy and non-dairy frozen desserts. Tell Mitchell that Darryl sent you.

American Food Blending

A manufacturer of dry blends specializing in frozen desserts. Dairy and non-dairy mix producer for the U.S. market and international sales.

Visstun Cup Company

A manufacturer of high quality printed packaging with small minimum order requirements.  Tell them Darryl sent you.

SVR Premium Vegan Ice Kream

A respected leader, educating and serving fine vegan cuisine and has a line of creamy vegan ice kream, based Atlanta.


A web-based service that includes the creation of nutritional and ingredient information, recipe pricing and inventory management.  Excellent product at a lesser cost than purchasing software.

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